KAMIKAZE racing – tuning and modifications of the car Mazda RX8 with a brake shoe eccentric, a construction of the racing car KAMIKAZE RX8 GT – circuit and drift


The engine modification are at the foundation of car modification. Who wouldn't want the biggest power with a twisting moment and engine elasticity as a real racing car has? It is possible to start adjusting gradually or take a drive with a completely tuned engine. And let us start with the roughest one...

Turbo kit

Are you not satisfied with a standard power?! Do you want more? In this case, a top product by a renowned company GReddy is here for you. It increases the engine power by c. 50 hp per revolutions from 9.000 up to 9.500 revolutions per minute. Turbo starts up from 3.700 revolutions per minute and you get a really great feeling from it. A continuous powerful gear accompanied by an expressive hissing noise!
Turbo kit consists of:
Turbo T618Z, header with a flange for turbo, inter cooler including a complete air circulation, a complete intake system with a flange for the air weight, a component of an exhaust pipe behind the turbo – down pipe with a flange for a lambda sensor, a texrope, a programmable control unit including software, all the mounting material and an instruction manual for a complete mounting.

Turbo kit GReddy

Compressor kit

Turbo boosting is not good enough for you?! Do you want to experience the feeling of that incredible instantaneous acceleration with an actuated gas pedal? Get the Hymee!! The compressor kit Hymee by the Australian company Performance Design Australia is a topmost product which can guarantee you an immediate power start and at the same time increases the power by respectable 360 hm at 8.400 revolutions per minute and a twisting moment is increased up to 327 Nm at 6.200 revolutions per minute! That speaks for itself! The engine with only 1.3 l and power of 360 hp!
Compressor kit consists of:
The compressor and an oil pressure pump with a complete engine lubrication system, aluminum flange including bearings for compressor mounting, pulleys and texropes, high capacity fuel injection valves, air-cooler – inter cooler including a complete air conduction, a complete intake with a flange for air weight with an air box, software for the control unit adjustment including a new map (an modified setting of the control unit), all the mounting material and an instruction manual for a complete installation.

Compressor kit Hymee

Aluminium Engine Oil Pan

If you are going to supply your car with the Wankel compressor or turbo we would definitely recommend to you a larger engine Oil Pan by the GReddy company. This aluminum Pan will enable you to enlarge the oil volume by 0,6 liter, which helps to better oil cooling and therefore to better lubrication of the engine, compressor, or the turbo and besides, extends the interval of oil fueling.

Aluminium Engine Oil Pan GReddy

Lightweight flywheel and coupling

Do you want to lighten? Then do it! The basis of lightening is of course a load off the flywheel at which, in this case, you can save up to 50% of the weight! This racing component by the company F1 Racing weighs 5,04 kg and is made of chromoly steel. In addition to that there is a ceramic clutch with the pressure plate, also by the F1 Racing company. This way we get quite respectable parameters – the transfer of the power up to 590 hp and a torgue up to 748 Nm, low weight and perfect engine elasticity.

Lightweight chromoly flywheel , ceramic clutch, pressure plate F1 Racing

Lightweight pulleys

The next step to the unloading process is pulleys. The precisely manufactured aluminum pulleys by the company Unorthodox Racing are the right choice. The pulleys from Unorthodox Racing are made by the most modern CNC machines. They are noted for their exceptional quality. The whole set weighs 0.54 kg and contains 3 pieces of pulleys – an alternator, a water pump and a crankshaft. The producer indicates a power increase by 8-12 hp.

Lightweight pulleys UNORTHODOX Racing

Aluminum radiator

We have a tuned and unloaded engine, however an important part of the problem of free engine operation is the engine cooling. We all know pretty well what will happen if we don't manage to cool the engine sufficiently enough. The high capacity aluminum radiator by GReddy will help us to prevent the problem. Its high quality manufacturing will guarantee a high resistance against pressure. Plus, it has a great balance of weight and volume.

Aluminum radiator Greddy

Exhaust system

The more air we get into the engine, the more of it we also have to carry off. This will be ensured by the perfectly processed straight steinless exhaust emission system with two GReddy end pieces 60 mm at an average. This exhaust emission system is ended with a straight steinless piece, which replaces the catalyzer and by itself increases the power by 7 hp at the standard design of Mazda RX-8. The piece is of the same average as the whole exhaust emission system and is with the inclusion of a flange for a lambda probe. In case you insist on something really extraordinary then the right choice for you is the titanium racing exhaust emission system Exotic Speed. It has been designed in this way to have the minimum counter-pressure and the maximum outflow of exhaust gases in order to achieve the maximum power and twisting movement. The exhaust emission system is 63 mm at diameter and the end tails are 89 mm at diameter. So we are talking a racing component!

Exhaust system GReddy SE – Spectrum Elite
Titanium racing exhaust system Exotic Speed
Exhaust pipe – a central piece instead of the catalyzer