KAMIKAZE racing – tuning and modifications of the car Mazda RX8 with a brake shoe eccentric, a construction of the racing car KAMIKAZE RX8 GT – circuit and drift



Every racing or modified engine must be strictly monitored. The Défi gauges will take care of the exact data we need to know. Because of the high quality and exactness they are the top product on the market. Individual gauges are connected to their own control unit which most accurately processes the data from individual detectors and evaluates them with an accuracy of thousandths! To the offered set is also possible to buy any other gauges that is on offer by Défi.

The Défi gauges – the turbo pressure, the oil pressure, the oil temperature, the exhaust pipe temperature, the control unit, the detectors

Micro Pod

If you are really serious about driving on circuit, we would recommend you a professional racing guide-post Race Logger which will not only draw your attention to a critical value, but will also show you all the data such as speed, revolutions, time of one round, the best time, etc. With the help of a GPS module it can also chart and project the exact route, evaluate the individual lap times, the size of the G-forces, the position of the throttle valve and many other things. With the help of the video camera it is possible to make a record from the drive and synchronize it with the evaluated data from Data Logger.

LRC telemetry - Micro Pod – without detectors

Track Commander

The track commander is a device for those who do not need to have Race Logger, but would like to know if their driving style has been improving, eventually how to improve it. Track Commander can map and project the circuit, evaluate the data about the driving style and the individual lap times rounds, it can also evaluate and project the G-forces, which was at the time of the drive, the overall time of the drive. All these data are stored in 2GB memory and with the help of a software it is possible to evaluate them and create analyses. If you connect the videodisc with a camera you can make and process a video recording and then synchronize it with the data acquired with the help of Track Commander. Track Commander is a great device that everyone, who goes to the circuit, must have. Only this way will the driving experiences be perfect.

Track Commander