KAMIKAZE racing – tuning and modifications of the car Mazda RX8 with a brake shoe eccentric, a construction of the racing car KAMIKAZE RX8 GT – circuit and drift

Carriage Body

Body kit

Do you want to have your own racing car? Or do you just want to be original and have something extraordinary and new? Well, we have a solution! The original “wide body kit” that consists of 13 components and is made of carbon and composite materials. The precise treatment of every component guarantees exact pasturing with the body and is significant for its great combination of rigidity and weight. The component installation is carried out onto prototypic fixtures. The final surface finish is in white gel coat and the components can be painted directly after the pasturing. The whole body kit has been approved for street use! You are definitely not going to have any problems with authorities or the police.
Body kit includes:
A front bumper, a rear bumper including wings, 6 door-sill parts (3 parts of the left sill, 3 parts of the right one), the left and the right front splash board, the left and the right wheel arch trim, gas tank cover.


The carbon hoods

If you want to save up more weight and you like the appearance of a racing car, you should supply the body kit with the original carbon hoods. The racing materials and the precise manufacturing guarantee solidity and small weight. The hoods are assembled onto prototypic fixtures. The carbon hoods on KAMIKAZE RX8 are approved for operating over land.

The front hood weighs only 6,5 kg and consists of three components of carbon fibers that are accurately pastured to each other. The joint optically separates the hood into three parts. There are six aerodynamic cutouts in the hood that serve for a maximum warm air outlet.

The back hood weighs 4,7 kg, is made of a breakfree film of carbon and has a raised tear edge – a small wing. The back hood does not have an outlet for a third brake light.

Carbon hood KAMIKAZE – the front one
Carbon hood KAMIKAZE – the back one

The vertical door opening system – LSD

If you enjoy tuning and want to be interesting you must have this door opening system. Body kit is adjusted even for this version of door opening. The system LSD is assembled onto the prototypic fixtures and it is necessary to extend the engine harness to the door. The system LSD in KAMIKAZE RX8 has been approved for operating over land.

LSD – The vertical door opening system