KAMIKAZE racing – tuning and modifications of the car Mazda RX8 with a brake shoe eccentric, a construction of the racing car KAMIKAZE RX8 GT – circuit and drift

Car Chassis

The engine modifieds and the engine-power increase is one thing. The driving properties is another one. The tuned engine is useless if we don't have a well-adjusted and consolidated chassis! Therefore, it is important to achieve the best driving characteristics, perhaps even more important than the achievement of the maximum power.

Adjustable chassis

The basis of their adjustments is a set of adjustable engine shake dampers and special springs by the GReddy Company. These include the electronic control over rigidity from the car cab. Thanks to this set it is possible to adjust the height of the car, the rigidity of the engine shake dampers (up to 32 levels of adjustment) and the deflections thanks to the unibal storage. In addition to that, you are saving on weight! Yes, this set of the engine shake dampers and springs is much lighter than the original one.

The adjustable chassis – GReddy Type S Performance
Electronic control over the rigidity of the engine shake dampers

Sway bar set Hotchkis

The next step to the perfect driving characteristics of KAMIKAZE RX8 and to a better driving experience is the chassis backing. We offer the best product on the market – the adjustable sway bar by the Hotchkis Company. These enable three level of adjusting the rigidity and reliably prevent from the rolling motion of the vehicle at a course change. They are designed in red.

Sway bar set Hotchkis – the front + the rear


The aluminum struts by the GReddy Company will help you to prevent the twisting of the KAMIKAZE RX8. They have a great balance of rigidity and weight. They are designed in a combination of silver and blue.

The GReddy strut – the front one
The GReddy strut – the rear one


A large power needs big brakes - you should always bear in mind. The tuned engine is not enough without quality brakes. Therefore we have another top quality product on offer – a 6 piston BIG Brake kit Grex with cooled discs 330 mm at average, again by the GReddy company. These highly efficient brakes manage to repress that big portion of power. On the back axle the brakes are empowered with cooled discs Turbo Groove with yellow brake pad plates by the EBC Company.

The brake kit GREX


We will finish the whole modified of the chassis KAMIKAZE RX8 by the selection of suitable 19 inch wheels in size. We offer you quality and originally designed aluminum wheels by the Alcar Company. You can choose from a really wide offer of brands: AEZ, DOTZ. The following models have been directly approved for the vehicle KAMIKAZE RX8 – Dotz Shurika, Touge, Hanzo, designs in all colours.

Wheels 19" – DOTZ Hanzo, Shuriken, Touge (a set)